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My name is Courtie, and this is a blog with A Little About A Lot – like entertainment reviews, everyday opinions, and basic baking thought experiments.

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A Ranking Of The Fever Dream McDonald’s Characters Used In Their McDonaldland Campaign

After eating a packet of McDonald’s Cookies for the first time in many, many moons, I later experienced a chaotic fever dream featuring a few of the cooked characters Maccas used in their advertising during the ’90s, which I discovered began much, much earlier (more accurately from ‘70s – ‘00s). …

The Kookaburra Chronicles

There are very many species here in Australia that could terrorise you. Sharks, jellyfish, and a myriad of sea creatures in the ocean. Crocodiles in both salty and fresh water. A rainbow variety of snakes across the sand and land. Spiders that lurk in places where you are most vulnerable. …