A Little About…

28 – Brisbane – Sugar Fairy – Entertainment Enthusiast

My name is Courtie. I am a vessel for cupcakes. I watch too much television, and sleep way too little.

After years of dancing, writing, & creating, I made an active choice to study a degree in Entertainment – that I could’ve probably received by just watching Netflix professionally for three years – and from this have continued developing my life-long affair with what I like to call ‘common pop‘ – all things entertainment, pop culture, and what I believe should be common knowledge.

Along with this obsession for entertainment of course came a need to share it, discuss it, and spread the good word about each new and exciting experience I stumbled upon; be it a new musical, book, television series, recipe, nostalgic memory, artist, song, advertising campaign, or even brand.

We are not all the same, meaning not everyone I know enjoys listening to the Book Of Mormon Original Cast Recording on repeat, finds reading Stephen King novels soothing instead of horrifying, gets joy out of using a new packet of sprinkles, is happy to watch whatever reality tv program free-to-air is willing to feed me, or is delighted to view the tv series Community exactly 14 times in a row. But I know there are people out there who are similar to me, in some ways.

So with the highly reliable expert knowledge of an Entertainment Degree behind me, a basic understanding of content production from my millennial skills of owning an Instagram account, and my evident need to share every single thought about what I love with anyone I can, I have developed the credentials to owning and writing a blog. This blog. A little about a lot.

I am someone who is always researching, loves a good fun fact, enjoys writing lists, and know a little about the great lot of things I love. That is what you will find in this blog.

So please sit back, and enjoy my ramblings on everything from the most bingeable broadcasts, to what makes a cake great again, and all 12 of the topics in between these two wildly different categories. I can’t wait to reach you.

– Courtie