15 Times Kath & Kim Were The Epitome Of Australian Culture

Look at moy, look at moy – Australia’s favourite mother/daughter duo from Fountain Lakes, Kath & Kim, have finally made their way to Netflix.

Despite their very recent arrival to Netflix, Kath & Kim have been household names within Australia for well over 15 years now. The classic Aussie sitcom, which was created by and starred, Jane Turner as Kath, and Gina Riley as Kim, follows the girls along with their partners Kel Knight, a purveyor of fine meats played by all Aussie Adventurer Glenn Robbins, and Brett Craig, Kim’s on-again off-again husband played by Peter Rowsthorn, as well as Kim’s second best friend and total sport-nut Sharon Strzelecki played by Magda Szubanski, as they live their very average suburban lives in the fictional Melbourne suburb of Fountain Lakes.

The gang are renowned for being just that bit bogan, constantly confusing common phrases, and dressing like absolute dags in g-strings, parrot earrings, and other fashion mistakes from the early 2000’s. But of course, that is why we love them.

Despite owning all four of their humerus seasons on DVD, I’ve streamed every episode in the past few days, and have spent my precious sparetime hand-picking all the moments where these two foxy ladies reach peak Australian culture.

So strap in hornbags, and enjoy the 15 best times Kath & Kim epitomised Aussie culture and proved how damn relatable the series is.

1. They are all over the best fashion brands that Australia have to offer.

They know where to shop if you want to look corporate….

ABC TV: Season 2 Episode 4

Or if you want to dress to impress for a coffee date…

ABC TV Season 3 Episode 5

They have even got you covered if you are looking to feel better about what size you wear…

ABC TV Season 1 Episode 1

2. They know where all Australian’s like to go to dinner on their birthday or to celebrate something special.

ABC TV Season 1 Episode 1

3. They know all of our favourite noughties television habits.

From the reality series that had us glued to the TV every Friday night…

ABC TV Season 1 Episode 1

To our pre-Netflix bingeing habits…

ABC TV Season 1 Episode 1

And they even knew how desperately we wanted to be on the world’s greatest game show, Survivor.

ABC TV Season 3 Episode 5

4. Of course Sharon can sympathise with all of us during hay fever season – aka 75% of the Australian year.

ABC TV Season 1 Episode 1

5. They truly get what it takes to host the perfect Australian event – be it birthday, wedding, or conference.

If it’s a backyard event, the clothesline can always be utilised.

ABC TV Season 1 Episode 8

And of course alcohol is always BYO, but food provided is a big PLUS.

ABC TV Season 1 Episode

6. They are just as confused as we are about politics, and that was before the leadership coups began taking place…

I doubt any of us could recall who the Prime Minister was for $500 at this point in time.

ABC TV Season 1 Episode 6

And Trude and Prue would be very pleased with the recent election results, they might even include Scott Morrison on their list of “great conversationalists”.

ABC TV Season 3 Episode 8

7. They are very wary of which Aussie snacks are on top of our food pyramid.

They know which snacks are best to celebrate with.

ABC TV Season 1

They know which snacks can make you feel better during a crisis.

ABC TV Season 2 Episode 4

They know the importance of a well-rounded and balanced diet.

ABC TV Season 2

They know exactly which crackers are needed to build the perfect platter.

ABC TV Season 2 Episode 7

They know which snacks are best for lunch on the go.

ABC TV Season 3 Episode 6

And finally, they know which snacks are best used as a motivational treat.

ABC TV Season 2

8. They accurately portray Australian drinking culture.

They get that we don’t like paying too much for alcohol and that sometimes it’s just easier to drink at home…

ABC TV Season 1 Episode 7

And they know that there are only two options when you need to cure a hangover.

ABC TV Season 3 Episode 2

9. Of course they have the lowdown on where all Aussies like to go on holiday.

Be it for a relaxed bush holiday if you can’t be bothered booking flights to Bali…

ABC TV Season 2 Episode 2

Or the perfect place for a romantic, but exy, getaway!

ABC TV Season 4 Episode 1

10. They proved that your sporting team is more important than love or friendship in our country.

ABC TV Season 2 Episode 2

11. They know the struggles all Australian’s have dealing with our national telecommunications companies.

And how frustrating it is when Telstra don’t give you a specific time of arrival, meaning you have to put off those important errands.

ABC TV Season 2 Episode 5

12. They demonstrate our enthusiasm when it comes to iconic Australian sporting heroes.

ABC TV Season 1 Episode 4
ABC TV Season 1 Episode 8

13. They know when we dream big it isn’t for power or politics, it’s for Ramsay Street.

ABC TV Season 3 Episode 8

14. They truly share Australia’s commitment to making our country a greener place.

ABC TV Season 4 Episode 4

15. And finally, they embody all the issues that people under 30 are still facing in Australia today

Well there you have it. If Kath & Kim don’t embody Australian culture, I don’t know what does!

If you’ve already binged through Kath & Kim’s four short seasons like I have, and you’re left you wanting more, head over to @KathAndKimToday on Twitter where they Tweets genius Kath & Kim episode ideas for what the show would look like today.

Fingers and toes that we get some of these turned into actual episodes!

– Courtie